Request Midtown Services

Request Midtown Services

Please use the below form to request services from Midtown, or alert us to conditions within the district.  If you have a more detailed request, or need to provide other information, please email us at or call us at 410-528-1512.

As noted below, there are some services which Midtown does not complete, and you are asked to please contact Baltimore City’s 311.  In order for Midtown to assist in follow-up on these items, we request that you contact 311 first, then provide us with the city assigned Service Request (SR) number in the additional information box below.


  • Bulk Trash (please see additional requirements below)
  • Cleaning
  • Code Enforcement (Please also contact Baltimore City’s 311 to report concerns.)
  • Drug Activity
  • Graffiti (Midtown does not remove graffiti, please contact Baltimore City’s 311 to request service.)
  • Grass/Weeds
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Loitering/Panhandling
  • Other
  • Rats
  • Street Repair (Midtown does not repair streets, please contact Baltimore City’s 311 to request service.)
  • Trees

***For bulk trash removal requests***


Midtown provides bulk trash removal for properties within the district.  Each property is allowed one pickup per year*.  Upon receiving the service request, Midtown will schedule a date with you to pick up the item(s).  The following applies to ALL bulk trash pickups:

  • Your items must be left in the public right of way.  This is generally the rear of your property by the alleyway where the city collects household trash. If you have a parking pad, please make sure your items are as close to the edge of your property as possible.
  • Midtown crews are not allowed to enter your property.
  • Items must be placed in the public right of way after 6p.m. the day before scheduled service, or before 7a.m. the day of scheduled service.
  • Midtown, per City regulation, is not allowed to remove the following items.  If any of the below items are placed with regular trash or allowed bulk trash items, they will be left and are potentially subject to illegal dumping citations.
    • Wooden pallets
    • Plywood
    • 2 x 4s/lumber/firewood
    • Concrete/bricks/cinderblocks
    • Construction debris
    • Building materials
    • Items with exposed nails
    • Tires
    • Oil-based paint cans
    • Hazardous waste
    • (If you are uncertain if your item qualifies for pickup, please provide more information in the service request section below, or contact us directly.)

*Condo owners, please contact your condo association or property manager for details.  Apartment residents, please contact your property manager for details