Who We Are

Midtown Community Benefits District is a neighborhood advocacy and improvement group authorized by law in 1996 to perform supplemental services in four neighborhoods – Bolton Hill, Charles North, Madison Park, and Mount Vernon.  Each property owner, resident and stakeholder is a member of the District and is represented by the Board of Directors which is comprised of individuals predominantly from the four neighborhoods.  The District’s efforts to make the neighborhoods stronger, better places to live and work are funded by taxpayer approved property tax surcharge.

How are assessments determined?

The surcharge is calculated in the same way as the annual property tax. The current assessment is $0.132 per $100 of the property value.

How is the assessment different from the property tax?

The amount is derived from the formula and is in addition to your property tax bill, which is sent to you separately by the City of Baltimore.

How is the surcharge spent and who decides?

The Midtown Community Benefits district Management Authority Board of Directors prepares an operating budget for each fiscal year. The budget is presented to the community at the Spring Town Hall Meeting for comment in March. If you have any questions about the property tax surcharge of the budget, please call our President at 410-528-1512.

Who is in charge of the Midtown Community Benefits District?

The management authority board of directors Sets policy and priorities for the district. The Board includes two representatives from each of the four community organizations, one mayoral representative, one city council representative, a business representative, two non-profit representatives, and four at-large members who oversee the district.

When does the Board of Directors meet?

The Board of Directors normally meets on the first Wednesday evening of every month at 6:30pm at MICA except August and December. The Executive Committee meets at 6:00pm on the third Wednesday of the month at the Midtown office to prepare the agenda for the board meeting. Meetings are open to the public. (Certain meetings or portions of meetings may be closed in keeping with provisions of the Open Meeting Act.) Please call the Midtown Community Benefits District office at 410 528-1512 for information about the agenda and to confirm meeting time and location.