What We Do

What we do

Clean Team Services

Sidewalk Cleaning

Our Clean Team mechanically or manually cleans public walkways and gutters. Most streets are cleaned daily, Monday through Friday.  Corner litter baskets are emptied 7 days per week.  Autumn leaf fall is vacuumed, raked and recycled into compost.

Alley Maintenance

We will pick up bulk trash items (except for construction and hazardous materials) and remove illegally dumped items from the alleys by appointment. We trim weeds during the summer months and collect leaves in the fall.

Service Area and Routes:


Green Team Services

Public Space Maintenance:

The Green Team maintains 17 acres of park spaces in the community, including, but not limited to the Historic St. Paul Street Park, the Mount Vernon Children’s Park, the median strips along Mount Royal, Maple Leaf Park, Arnold Sumpter Park, Eutaw Place and the parks of Mount Vernon Square. We also assist various volunteer gardening groups in the district.


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With the support of neighborhood volunteers and the city’s Forestry Division, our green team plants and waters hundreds of street trees in the District. We coordinate with the Transportation Department’s Footways Division to have small tree pits enlarged to meet standards established in the Midtown Plan.

Safety Services

Safety Patrols

Off-duty Baltimore City Police are employed to provide enhanced neighborhood patrols within the District. Patrols are highly visible on our fleet of Segway and club car vehicles.

Safety Information:

Midtown regularly publishes tips and instructions on improving your personal and property safety. Our neighborhoods continue to have among the lowest crime rates in the city.