Board of Directors 2020

Chairman of the Board

Biffrey Braxton
Mount Vernon

Vice Chairman of the Board

Nicholas Cohen
Madison Park Improvement Association, At-Large


Ashley Chertkof
Bolton Hill Community Association, Appointed


Steve Johnson
Mount Vernon Belvedere Association, At-Large

Geri Byrd, Representing Mayor’s Office

Eric Costello, Baltimore City Council

Kevin Daniels, Madison Park

Arianna Koudounas, Madison Park Improvement Association, At-large Representative

David Lapides, Charles North Community Association, President

Mac Maclure, Charles North, Representative

Robert Mara, Charles North Community Association At-Large Representative

Fritz Meyer, Bolton Hill, At-Large Representative

Scott Nobel, Maryland Institute. College of Art

David Nyweide, Bolton Hill Community Association, President

Antoinette Peele, Madison Park Improvement Association, President

Michele Richter, Mount Vernon Belvedere Association, President

Joe Rooney, Peabody/Hopkins

Wesley Stuckey, Mount Vernon Belvedere Association, Representative

Brian Winsor, University of Baltimore