A Goodbye Letter from Executive Director, Michelle Wirzberger, Esq.

Dear Midtown property owners, residents, partners and friends:

I’m writing today to say goodbye…and thank you. So here goes:

As of Friday, December 8th, I will be leaving the Midtown Community Benefits District to start a new position with the Baltimore City Police Department. While I will miss Midtown, I am excited to continue my career of public service and to join a great team of folks who are committed to making Baltimore City a safe place to live, work and visit.

Peggy Smallwood will serve as the Interim Executive Director as the Board conducts a search for a replacement. She has worked with Midtown for the past 13 years and has served as the Deputy Director for the last 3 years. I am fully confident that you all will be in great hands with her. No one knows the inner workings of Midtown better than Peggy!

Over the last 3+ years that I have led Midtown, I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting many of you. We have worked closely to solve problems and to determine the most efficient, cost effective and sustainable ways of keeping the District Clean, Green and Safe. I am incredibly proud of all that we have accomplished together.

Thank you for believing in me and my leadership ability. With your support and encouragement, we have moved the organization forward and made it more efficient, more effective and more professional.

Last but certainly not least, I have to say thank you to the Midtown staff for their hard work, commitment to the organization and their willingness to try new and different ways of accomplishing our tasks.

A lot of residents rely very heavily upon Midtown. They expect us to keep their streets clear of debris and leaves. They expect us to help plant, maintain and water over 100 new trees a year. They expect us to service 160 corner trash cans 7 days a week. They expect us to provide 64 safety patrol hours a week. They expect us to remove bulk items as swiftly as possible.

NONE of that work would be accomplished without the hard working and the occasionally underappreciated staff of Midtown. From the folks who walk the streets cleaning the gutters, the littervac drivers, the trash truck drivers, the folks who maintain the parks, the administrative staff who make sure everything runs smoothly and our safety patrol officers who travel down every block of the District to keep us all safe-these individuals are the life blood of this organization and I am eternally grateful for their service and their assistance during my tenure.

I am sure this is not goodbye forever. I will not be far away from any of you as we all continue to work to make Baltimore the city we believe it can be.


Michelle Wirzberger, Esq.

171 thoughts on “A Goodbye Letter from Executive Director, Michelle Wirzberger, Esq.

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