2014 Leaf Removal Plan & Schedule


Starting today (December 1), Midtown Baltimore crews will focus on concentrated clean up of leaf fall for our four neighborhoods. “No parking signs” will be posted strategically starting throughout Bolton Hill so that Midtown staff can focus on collecting leaves that have fallen on the sidewalks and in the streets. The signs will be posted 24-48 hours before our crew’s expected arrival to provide a reasonable amount of notice to residents. We will also post a daily note on our Facebook page to alert residents as to what streets we expect to clean the following day.

As we have a great deal of ground to cover, we would greatly appreciate any and all assistance you can provide and we definitely ask for your patience. A couple things you should note:

  • Midtown will not collect leaves on private property such as a backyards or steps. We will focus on collecting leaves that have gathered in the parks once all of the streets are clean. However, we will make sure that the sidewalks in the parks are clear for foot traffic. Click here for a park leaf removal schedule.
  • Do not sweep leaves into the street or in the alleyway.
  • If you have more leaves than the city can collect, please put them in bags and place them in front of your residence. If they are in a clear bag or one marked “leaves,” Midtown staff will collect them as they clean their regular route.

We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation in making this leaf collection plan go smoothly!