Beware: BGE Scam in Bolton Hill

bgelogoBeware, Midtown residents! A scam involving BGE (Baltimore Gas and Electric) has been reported in the Bolton Hill neighborhood and Midtown Community Benefits District and BGE would like to remind you to remain vigilant about home and personal safety.

In the report, an individual posing as an employee of BGE came to a resident’s door to ask if they’d received a “check for free electricity.” The observant resident noticed three other young men standing suspiciously off to the side and immediately declined the “offer.”

The scam, which BGE warned customers about in April 2013, is “an attempt to steal money and other valuables by gaining access to customer homes or businesses or to gain credit card information.”

“Although it is rare for a BGE representative to require entry into the customer’s home, if the entry is requested, the customer should always ask to see photo identification,” said Jeannette M. Mills, vice president and chief customer officer for BGE. “All BGE employees and contractors carry company identification badges, which should be visible at all times, displaying their name, photograph and identification number.”

If you are contacted as part of this scam, call local law enforcement and the BGE Customer Contact Center immediately at 800.685.0123.